Database decision making for the IBM Jazz Platform

This article describes the possibilities you have for the underlying database for Jazz Platform. Compared are advantages and disadvantages between the following databases:

  • IBM DB2
  • Oracle DB
  • MS SQL 
  • Derby (only for non-productive trial use)


1) IBM DB2

The most preferred database for IBM Jazz Platform is IBM DB2. DB2 is packaged for free and you can find this information.


We recommend DB2 for the following reasons:

  • Performance
  • Cost
  • Ability of IBM to fix problems
  • Testing 
  • All the big tests are done on IBM DB2. We have no official data on how the MS SQL performs on big load of data. 


  • Lack of Personal - many departments have no skills to manage DB2. The management takes only 1-3 days in a year (depending on the  size of the data)
  • License - Currently, the license provided by IBM for free. The risk could only arise if IBM would sell IBM DB2 or IBM Jazz to 3rd party.

Free are following DB2 Editions: Here is the link with proof of free license

"Each valid client license includes a license to run one instance of Db2 Advanced Workgroup Server Edition (excludes z/OS) and one instance of WebSphere Application Server to support Rational Quality Manager. Trials of Db2 and WebSphere Application Server are also available. Express editions of WebSphere Application Server are also available for IBM i at no additional charge by ordering Web Enablement for IBM i. See system requirements for details."

If required, we can help you to sort it. 

We can provide remote or local support for DB2. 
If you install this database and have no local support then we can help you to:

  • Install DB2
  • Give you maintenance guidance. 
  • Help with Upgrades 
  • Provide personnel for occasional activities. From experience, this is between 1-3 days a year

If you don't decide for DB2 and your installation is not big (several hundreds of Concurrent users) then you can also use less performant MS SQL. 

Please note that we are strong mainly on IBM DB2. When you decide for Oracle or MSSQL then our ability to help due to missing local personnel might be limited, but we will always try to support you. 

2) Oracle

We have received Feedbacks from customer that Oracle database is quite performant but can be very expensive. 

If you want to use this DB we will support you in installation and if needed also in other DB activities. 


  • Reliable Performance


  • High cost

3) Microsoft SQL

MS SQL can support smaller installations. 

Currently, we have clients with under 500 users who have been growing from smaller MSSQL installations.

We had to tune this installation in order to get good performance.

Bigger installation are usually more likely to have performance issue and are not preferred by our specialists and also not recommended by IBM.

For clients who wish to migrate from MS SQL to DB2 we can provide such a service. We assume the effort to do that to be on a range of 10-20 days depending on the size of the DB, number of applications in Jazz Platform, version, complexity, clients availability and preparation level, and other factors. 


  • Usually available know-how


  • Performance is not good for big amount of data or users
  • Cost (usually bot very big compared to Oracle though)
  • Starting from version 7.0 MSSQL is highly unrecommended due to bad optimization ! If you want to upgrade from prior version, migrate to either DB2 or Oracle. We can help you with the process.

4) Derby

Derby DB is embedded DB provided with the base installation package and is intended only for trial purposes. This DB is not supported by IBM and must not be used in productive environments.

This database can very limited amount of users (10), and only medium amount of data.

The database is optimized for quick setup and testing of the Jazz features at the customer environment. 




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