IBM Engineering Test Management (ETM)

What it can do for your business

IBM® Engineering Test Management™ is a collaborative, web-based, quality management solution that offers comprehensive test planning and test asset management from requirements to defects. Built on the Jazz platform, it enables teams to seamlessly share information. It uses automation to speed project schedules and report on metrics for informed release decisions. It can also be purchased as part of the Collaborative Lifecycle Management solution—a set of seamlessly integrated tools: IBM Rational Team Concert, IBM Engineering Test Management, and IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation.


Feature spotlights

Requirement tools integration

Engineering Test Management works with the Rational DOORS Next Generation requirement management tool. You can link test cases and mark them as suspect whenever requirements are modified.

Automation tools integration

Engineering Test Management integrates with many test automation tools including Rational Functional Tester. Execute tests with all kinds of tools and collect test results—all from a central location.

Comprehensive test plans

Test plans clearly describe project quality goals and exit criteria, while tracking responsibilities and prioritized items for verification and validation.

Communications support

Support communication among teams that are geographically dispersed using features such as event feeds, integrated chat, review, and approval, and automated traceability.

Advanced reporting capabilities

Address the needs and concerns of quality managers, business analysts, and release management using advanced reporting capabilities, making it easier to assess readiness for delivery.

Risk-based testing

Provides risk-based testing for prioritizing the features and functions to be tested based on importance and likelihood or impact of failure, supporting risk management best practices.



 For the main adapters for automotive and other regulated industry please refer to the section "RQM Execution Adapters".

PROVEtech MBTech (AKKA Automotive)

There is an adapter that was built for the tool PROVEtech and IBM Engineering Test Management. Please contact us for the possible Demo


Other RQM Adapters

Virtual Test Lab Automation

  • Surgient - Virtualization support for Rational Test Lab Manager
  • VMLogix - Virtualization support for Rational Test Lab Manager

Interoperability - Change Management

  • CM Logic - CM Logic provides a bi-directional integration of Rational Team Concert and the JIRA change management system.

Execution Adapters for RQM IBM Engineering Test Management

HP LoadRunner Adapter for RQM - IBM Engineering Test Management 

Supports LoadRunner versions 9.1, 9.51, 11.5, and 12.50. Download

HP Quick Test Professional (QTP)/HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT) Adapter for RQM IBM Engineering Test Management 
Supports QTP versions 9.0, 9.1, 9.2, and 9.5.
Also tested with QTP versions 10 and 11.0 and UFT versions 11.50, 11.53, 12.02, and 12.51. Download

Mobile Application Adapter

More Information:

  • Arsin - Integration of Engineering Test Management with Arsin's Effecta for an end-to-end Business Process Test Automation and Validation. The Integrated solution enhances Test Management, reduces Test Automation effort, and increases Test Automation Coverage.
  • Device Anywhere by Mobile Complete - Enables access to mobile application testing on more than 2000 real handsets across the globe, while employing RQM to control the execution of tests and keep track of results.
  • Finals - RapidRep execution tool adapter for RQM enables the RapidRep Test Suite RapidRep to validate data, such as relational databases, or structured files like CSV or XML.
  • Green Hat - GH Tester, an automated validation and virtualization test product enabling agile, efficient management of composite applications relying on legacy, SOA, BPM, and Cloud technologies, allows Engineering Test Management to incorporate GH Tester's control of complex test environments into Rational test management processes.
  • iTKO LISA - iTKO LISA is a collaborative enterprise software testing solution for modern, distributed applications, including SOA, BPM, and integration platforms. LISA Test's no-code testing augments your testing practice, allowing teams to rapidly automate functional, unit, regression, and load tests at every application layer.
  • Juvander - OffRoad makes test execution possible in disconnected environments. This means that test planning and analyzing is done fully on the IBM Engineering Test Management server, but actual test execution is no longer tied to a certain location or network connection.
  • RapidRep - The RapidRep Test Runner allows customers to perform data quality checks, verify database migrations, or compare expected results with calculated results. Data stored in tables (e.g. DB2, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, SQL Server, MS Access...) or even special files like XML or CSV can be used in any combination.
  • Wind River - Wind River Test Management users can attach their Test cases to the Quality Manager. Wind River Test Management is a test execution optimization system for embedded devices. It enables unprecedented run-time visibility into devices while under test. The system provides feedback that test teams and their management need.
  • Worksoft - Worksoft's Certify execution tool adapter for RQM enables access to automated testing solutions for functional testing of SAP and other enterprise business applications.
  • Rational Test Workbench - Integration Testing
  • Rational Functional Tester - Functional GUI Testing

Rational Performance Tester - Performance Testing

  • IBM Appscan Source - Whitebox Security Testing
  • Squish GUI Tester - Proglogic has built an adapter which is working with command line

Quality Process

  • Sogeti - Integrates Sogeti's TMAP testing process with RQM
  • Tieto - Integration between CaliberRM and Engineering Test Management. Synchronizes requirements from CaliberRM with RQM.

Connection to Deployment Automation - IBM UrbanCode

The Engineering Test Management plugin invokes Engineering Test Management test suites or test cases to run automatic test scripts.





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