IBM Jazz Platform Integration with PTC

Several customers are using PTC Windchill and PTC Integrity for development. If the department is not ready to move to IBM Jazz Platform (yet) or needs to integrate Windchill PLM ask us therefore for options to integrate. This article describes the commonly used options which we can help you to develop or buy and deploy:


Syncing via ReqIF based via PTC Integrity Requirements Connector (IRC)

IRC was the first commercial software solution for tool-independent data exchange using ReqIF. IRC allows the smooth exchange and synchronization of requirements across Requirement Management applications such as PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager® (ILM) and IBM® Rational® DOORS®. Document exchange takes place without loss of data or format. OLE objects such as MSWord ®, Excel ® or images can also be extracted and exchanged correctly. 

Read More in the following White Paper

Since the DOORS Next Generation is also ReqIF compatible, you can synchronize the requirements from the PTC Integrity Requirements application into DOORS Next Generation.


Syncing via Tasktop Adapter

The Tasktop Adapter can sync Requirements between DOORS Next Generation and PTC Integrity Requirements along with metadata.

This video shows the synchronization between PTC Integrity and IBM DOORS (Classic).


The same way would work the synchronization between PTC Integrity and DOORS Next Generation. 

Here is another example of syncing PTC requirements to another Requirements Management tool (just to get an idea of how the sync via Tasktop works)



IBM has a strategic partnership with Tasktop and as an IBM Partner, we resell the Tasktop Adapter under the name IBM Rational Lifecycle Integration Adapter Tasktop Edition (RLIA Tasktop Edition).

Here is the list of all tools Tasktop is currently able to synchronize:

IBM Jazz Platform can be synced to any of the tools in the above link as following:

DOORS Next Generation:

  • Requirements
  • Modules (depending on the tool on the send side of migration)

Rational Team Concert:

  • Work Items (i.e. Bugs/Defects, Tasks, Stories, Epics, Change Requests, Features, ...)

Rational Quality Manager:

  • Only Work items = Defects/Quality tasks can be synchronized

Contact us for pricing or more information.


Linking via OSLC

Since v11 PTC Windchill implemented OSLC for better integration and collaboration with another system (like i.e. IBM Jazz)

OSLC – Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration represents the adoption of W3C linked data concept into collaboration in model-based system engineering (MBSE), and product lifecycle management (PLM) tools. Collaboration with OSLC means that some data from different sources can be linked together over the web, complement each other and make for a holistic virtual view of the information world, so will OSLC do in the design and manufacturing world.


Leaving the information as it was historically at the tool of your choice

  • Keep unarguable truth about the information
  • Get the most of each tool
  • Create Collaboration across disciplines like ALM (Requirements, Design, Development Test) and PLM
  • Keep away from ETL issues


IBM Adapter for Windchill 

This Adapter connects Rational Team Concert (RTC) Work Items with PTC Windchill Change Requests.
This adapter is also able to show the relationships in IBM Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager (RELM)




If interested we can provide you pricing for the Adapter which is marketed under the name IBM Rational Lifecycle Integration Adapter for Windchill.

This adapter can link the following IBM Jazz Platform applications with PTC Windchill Change requests:

  • Rational Team Concert (RTC)
  • Rational DOORS Next Generation (RDNG)
  • Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager (RELM)
  • Jazz Reporting Services (JRS)

Global Configuration Management is also supported. The following video explains the whole integration.


With help of IBM  RELM, you can visualize also links between PTC and IBM Jazz Platform

Bildergebnis für RELM ibm




PTC Integrity Modeler - OSLC Integration for Requirements Management

This video shows how IBM DOORS Next Generation requirements artifacts can be linked to Models in PTC Integrity Modeler



Custom Adapters

Rational Quality Manager with PTC Integrity

An OSLC adapter would be required to integrate PTC integrity with IBM RQM. 
You could use eclipse Lyo projects to build one or contact us to get it done for you by our specialists 

Rational DOORS Next Generation linking with PTC Integrity

If you for any reason cannot use IRF Adapter mentioned above and also manual exchange of ReqIF files is not an option, then an OSLC adapter would be also one option how to integrate PTC Integrity Requirements with IBM DOORS Next Generation. 
You could use eclipse Lyo projects to build one or contact us to get it done for you by our specialists.

Custom OSLC Integrations and special synchronizations

Our specialists have deep Know-How in Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) and other REST Services and wrote already many OSLC and REST-based bridges.
Feel free to contact us if you want to develop custom integration for your application.

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