Filter History


This extension allows users to filter this history directly in a module without need of opening history separately in new window or tab.


This extension provides DOORS Next Generation (DNG) users with a convenient way to review modifications made to the displayed module. Users can now view the history of changes without leaving their current module and opening a separate window for artifact history.
The extension presents a change report directly within the dashboard, offering valuable information such as the user responsible for the modification, the precise date and time of the artifact change, and the associated artifact ID.

Use Cases and Features

Based on the functionalities and use cases that this extension is helping you with, we kept the user interface as simple as possible. In the current version of the widget you can find: 

  • Widget information section - section with version, short description, and other information about the extension
  • Date Range - (start date and end date) limits the time period from which changes will be displayed
  • Dropdown selection for Users - a section where you can choose the user from whom the changes will be displayed
  • Dropdown selection for Type of Change - a section where the user can choose the type of changes in the module (create/edit/delete/all of them)
  • Main Button - after all necessary selections are made this button must be pressed to start an extension

Tracking changes to artifacts within DNG currently requires considerable time and effort. Currently, this task can only be performed using the "Artifact History" page. This extension makes it possible to view the entire change history of an open module with a few simple clicks through a widget integrated into their mini dashboard. This script not only provides a comprehensive report of all changes made, but also facilitates filtering based on criteria such as modification date, user responsible for the change, or a specific type of change.

The Filter History widget has the following features:

  • Report of changes -  This extension offers the capability to view and filter modifications made within the module. Relevant details regarding these changes will be presented directly in the extension within your mini dashboard. The generated report encompasses essential information such as the user responsible for each alteration, the precise date and time when the change was saved, and the corresponding ID of the modified artifact.
  • Filtering based on Start Date and End Date - These parameters enable the customization of the change display date interface. Users have the option to specify their desired start date and end date, defining the timeframe for which changes will be shown. In the event that the user does not provide a specific start date and end date, the extension will automatically display changes that occurred within the past week, encompassing a duration of 7 days.
  • Filtering Based on Users  -  Users have the ability to selectively view changes based on specific individuals. By choosing a particular user, you can narrow down the displayed changes to only those made by the selected individual. In the event that no user is selected, the report will comprehensively present all changes made to the module, regardless of the user responsible for each modification
  • Filtering Based on Type of Change - This filter allows you to specify the desired type of change you wish to observe. The available options within this filter are as follows:
    • All (default) as is - filter from module history
    • Edit = UserXY modified resource
    • Create = UserXY modified module structure - added
    • Delete = UserXY modified module structure - removed
  • Color Resolution -  Within the report, all modifications made within the module are visually differentiated using distinctive colors to facilitate easy orientation. The color scheme employed aligns with the existing conventions in DNG. Specifically, the following color indications are utilized:
    • Yellow Background Color: Represents "create" changes
    • Blue Background Color: Signifies "edit" changes
    • Gray Background Color with Red Text Color: Indicates "delete" changes
  • Show details about the type of changes - Through the utilization of the drop-down menu, users can conveniently expand individual change records or expand all records collectively via the header. By clicking on the corresponding link, users will be seamlessly directed to the changeset, where a meticulous and comprehensive record of the specific change can be found, providing an in-depth account of the alteration.

Softacus has developed an extension that enables users to conveniently filter this history directly within the module itself, eliminating the need to open a separate window or tab for accessing the history.

Preconditions and Restrictions

  • It is required to run the widget in the module. If the user tries to run the script outside of the module, it will not work and a message will appear advising the user to work from the module.


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