Module Link Statistics

It's a quite simple to create a link between the Artifacts in Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Next and also between Artifacts in different applications (ERM - ETM, ERM - EWM....). User can create his own link types or use the default ERM links, define the directions of links (and their different names) and then use them for linking Artifacts between each other. But what about statistics? How many Artifacts in the Module (document) were linked? How many of these links are valid? For this kind of statistics you can build up the report in Report Builder application. But it's complicated for the new users. They must to learn about Report Builder, find an appropriate way how to build this report and it's time consuming. We, in Softacus, have developed a widget which will help you to simplify this process. 

User interface



This extension is intended to show a user a quick overview of the link types of artifacts in a module based on the attribute that users choose for the generation of the chart only two parameters are required; artifact type + any link types.

Problem to solve

This extension is used to get a quick overview of the module without JRS application. It also automatically detects module global configuration and allows users to jump between the modules and get an overview with minimal setup requirements. This extension is usually needed by requirements engineers and managers who need the visual status of the module. 


Choose artifact type

Users can select from a list of all Artifact Types created in the Project for which one you want to create a chart.

Choose link type

You can select from a list of all Link Types created in the Project for which one you want to create a chart.

Show visual pie chart

 Users can choose artifact type and link types from the dropdown and generate a chart. Currently, only one link type per chart is possible. 

Show chart of linked Artifacts

This chart is showing how many Artifacts in your module have at least one link to another Artifact. The amount is shown in "%", but also if you hover over the corresponding chart segment, it will show you an exact number of linked or not linked Artifacts.

The amounts are displayed in chart segments:

      • Green segment - Linked Artifacts
      • Red segment - not Linked Artifacts  

Show link validity chart

The link Validity chart is showing how many of the processed links are Valid, Invalid, or Suspect. The amount is shown in "%", but also if you hover over the corresponding chart segment, it will show you an exact number of valid, invalid, or suspect links

The amounts are displayed in chart segments:

      • Red segment - Invalid links
      • Green segment - Valid links
      • Grey segment - Suspect links  

Display several charts  

If you need three or more charts at the same time then you can do it using this addon. For example, if you have two types of requirements in the same module this feature becomes useful 

Store request in the cache 

You can set the charts of your interest and the widget will store them in the cache. You can then return to this module at a later point in time and get the result without setup.  

Jump between the modules 

You can make one request and explore several modules at the same time without setup 

Remove chart in the widget 

This feature removes your request from the widget and deleted it in the cache.


  • This widget currently does not take module filters into consideration
  • This widget works currently within one application
  • The widget registers the validity of links only from module links

How to use this extension

  1. Open Module in Doors NG Component
  2. Choose artifact type (obviously modules and collections will not work)
  3. Choose link type
  4. Click on the button "Create chart" 





This add-on is free of charge for customers who purchased the IBM Jazz solution via Softacus.

Please contact us if you need a different arrangement.

Support and Modifications

Every functionality of any of Softacus Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Next extension can be customized based on your needs. If you are interested in having, enhancing or if you found a defect in extension, please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Also, we are providing custom modifications for our customers. Every Softacus DNG Extension can be modified based on your needs or requirements. We are looking forward to developing a solution for you.

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