If you are looking for something that can filter certain artifacts in a module that contains many other unused artifacts, this extension is made for you. This extension allows users to show evaluate logical formulas to process relevant artifacts. This artifact is then copied or reused to the second module according to user specifications.

Explanation and features

  • Allows the user to filter specific artifacts based on logical formulas
  • Allows a user to enter and process logical formulas to filter relevant artifacts
  • Users can anytime reset logical results to default values
  • User can choose result module, where he wants to show filtered artifacts


  • Requires to be executed in the module. If a user tries to start the script outside of the module it will not work and the message will be displayed advising the user to work from the module.


How to use this extension

All you will need is an attribute in which you'll have the "rule(s)", view(s) with the filter, and attribute for filtering the artifacts. "Formula" (it can be called however you want) is a string data type attribute. It is defining the certain rule(s) of filtering the artifacts in the module.


As you can see in the picture widget extension contains categories with questions.  In front of every question is a "question identifier". This identifier is used to recognize the question in the "Formula" attribute.

"Formula" string has a format of excel function:

[function]([question identifier]="[possible answer]")


IF(Q1="B") - this means that the artifact is relevant for the document (module) if question number 1 is set to value B in the widget.

"Relevant" - boolean data type attribute used for filtering the artifacts. Its default value is "true" because at the beginning we need all artifacts in the view. This attribute is automatically filled by an extension.

"View" - view with filter for "true" value of "Relevant" attribute.


Filtering the Artifacts

Fiter Module Button

If you want to filter the artifacts in the module based on rules, you must have set up all the things from the "Preparation" section. After that, click "Filter module". The extension will check the "Formula" attribute, compare them with the values that you defined in the widget, and based on the result it will make the "Relevant" attribute "true" or "false".


Generating Documents

Generate Document Button

Generating Documents is the process of copying/reusing (for a better explanation of Reusing options in DOORS NG visit our Reuse Concepts and Options in DOORS Next Generation article) artifacts from the "master" module to the newly created module. The extension can copy also the artifact links.

By default, the extension is reusing "Heading" artifacts and copying all others. But it has also advanced options. In this setting, all Artifact Types are loaded in the currently opened module and you can choose if the artifacts should be reused or copied.

Additional Options

After you click the "Generate Document" button, you will be prompted to select the destination module from the "Module Picker"

Module Picker

and the process of reusing and copying is started.

Reset Relevant

Reset Relevant Button

This option will set the "true" value in the "Relevant" attribute for all artifacts in the module.

Possible Usecases

  • Generate Specifications with a subset of requirements based on your answered questions.
  • Create RFP requests based on the product, country, delivery partner, or any other need.
  • Generate Responses to RFP based on your customer requests and filter your product option based on complex dependencies.


This add-on is free of charge for customers who purchased the IBM Jazz solution via Softacus.

Please contact us if you need a different arrangement.


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