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ASPICE stands for Automotive Software Process Improvement and Capability Determination and is a specialized variant of the international Standard also known as ISO/IEC 15504 (SPICE). Due to maturity guidelines and assessment, it is also an automotive equivalent of CMMI.

The purpose of Automotive SPICE is to evaluate the performance of the development processes of OEM suppliers in the automotive industry. ASPICE works in context of ISO-26262. The standards are complementary to each other.

The main focus of ASPICE is Software. It has two dimensions of process model and capability level.


Why do I need ASPICE and what is my added value?

Nowadays nearly the whole automotive industry works with special certifications to ensure that processes are monitored and Developing is improved in software-based system development. Therefore, most of the Automotive OEM´s you wish to work together will require such a certification in your company. Working with Automotive Spice Certification brings you the ability to work in a narrow circle of suppliers.

ASPICE relevance continues to increase

Without ASPICE:

Suppliers would have to run through very 

OEM-specific assessments of differing 

lengths and different requirements.


Suppliers and OEMs have to perform less

assessments, expectations are better understood


Software share in car development is increasing


Accepted standard by automotive OEMs worldwide


OEM's strive for ASPICE on vehicle level


of failed projects are due to poor requirements

Three key areas are driving the digital transformation in automotive engineering

Product Complexity

ASPICE levels and compliance

The Scale in ASPICE is from Level 0 to 5. The goal is to reach a certain maturity level. But to become ASPICE compliant as OEM you must reach at least Level 3. Your process needs to map to the PRM Process assessed using the Process Assessment Model (PAM) Capability. You need to understand the PA rules if you want to get Capability Level 3


ASPICE level definitions

Means your processes can achieve the work products ASPICE defines at most partially.

Level 0

Level 1

Means you largely are able to produce the specified work products. You might have some gaps, but you get through the entire V-model.

Means you largely are able to produce the specified work products. You might have some gaps, but you get through the entire V-model.

Level 2

Level 3

Means your organization has centralized standards for how you do things, and your project follows these standards. This level is required to become ASPICE compliant.

Simply aim to make your organizational-processes more predictable and innovative.

Level 4 and 5

Agile and ASPICE
as a team


While ASPICE excels at ensuring quality for high complexity, it can be lacking the speed of the release cycles and ability to react to change. These are the strong points of Agile which aims to introduce agility at team & organizational level.

Practices bring agility into reality

Agile practices are concrete procedures and since the beginning of the agile manifesto over 80 practices have emerged.

Companies select the practices they find useful and adopt them

Embrace Digital Transformation in Auto Engineering - Become ASPICE Certified with the Best IBM tools

IBM ELM accelerates ASPICE Compliance with these pillars

ELM Base Solution
Create sample for usage patterns
Close gaps that hinder compliance/
Simplify compliance with industry standards by providing repeatable patterns as templates and SaaS
IBM Services
Harmonize customer processes with industry standards and support them in leveraging accelerators
Partner Ecosystem
Integrate with compliance tools and connect IBM customers with industry experts
Automotive Workgroup
Collaborate with mature practitioners to align compliance support with market demand
Thought leadership
Publish insights about the industry challenges and best practices

How Visteon became ASPICE compliant using the IBM Continuous Engineering Platform

IBM ELM (Automotive Compliance)

IBM ELM Automotive Compliance V1 is a new offering released in 2019 designed for IBM Engineering and it consists of templates and best practices for IBM Engineering.

For Automotive ELM customers who need to tailor their tool suite for best practice engineering processes compliant to established Automotive Industry Standards, IBM ELM Automotive Compliance is out-of-the-box tailoring that consists of various predefined assets to simplify tool adoption, usage, and proofing compliance.

IBM ELM Automotive Compliance

What it can offer you and other key information

It includes a package (.zip file) with templates, reports, and processes for ASPICE to be used with IBM Engineering products.
The IBM Automotive Compliance Offering was developed in collaboration with leading automotive customers and industry experts and it introduces a new per-user license - to be purchased on top of ELM

Also Includes:

How IBM and Softacus can support you in becoming ASPICE compliant?

With IBM Tools you can easily become ASPICE compliant. Due to the Jazz Platform which combines several possibilities to track your progress and to safe your maturity level.

For each layer you can have an IBM Tool which gives you the possibility to make the compliance to ASPICE easy. The IBM Jazz Platform works with synchronized Solutions to make traceability and work on ASPICE compliant easily.

Products you can expand your Jazz Platform to be ASPICE compliant.

The Alpha Version which is shown is kind of “basic instruments” where you only need review for example in Team Concert and Quality Manager. The Main Product is Doors Next Generation

See the Videos below to understand how IBM tools will help you to be ASPICE compliant

Additional Information

To learn more about how IBM ELM can help you become compliant with ASPICE and what industry leaders say about the solution, download this whitepaper below:

See also the presentation by service expert Horst Sprengel reporting from his experience on how to understand the connection to ASPICE and how to demo this solution. And also check out the presentation from Brett Hillhouse about Managing complexity in automotive development


We at Softacus can offer you solution customization to your internal processes:

  • Templates for processes, requirements, design, test, development, reporting
  • Consulting

Contact us for more information.

Complimentary service offerings that support client’s journey to industry compliance

We offer:

Softacus can show you first-hand how the products are used in practice and work out a solution that is best suited for you and your company according to your needs.

Our presentations are especially suited to the needs of our customers. We want you to ask us as many questions as you want so that you can convince yourself.

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