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Instana’s Pricing is Simple and Transparent

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Per host / Per month / Billed Annually
Supported Technologies
Open Standards
SaaS or Self-hosted (on-prem or cloud)


Prometheus, StatsD, OpenTracing, OpenCensus, Jaeger, W3C Trace Context, DropWizard, and more
While the industry average APM solution costs €150+ per month (this doesn’t include unpredictable variable costs), Instana delivers all the value and all the power at a fraction of the cost.
Instana Agent Single Agent per Host
Drop-in Visibility Start monitoring in minutes, install Instana’s host agent and all components are automatically discovered
Zero-effort Maintenance Auto-update keeps Agent always on most recent version
Optional Upgrade Control Maintain control of versions to work with every IT Policy
Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Included
Distributed Tracing Java, Kotlin, .NET & .NET Core, Go, Node.js, GraphQL, PHP, Python, Scala, Ruby, and more
Analyzed Traces & Calls Real-time machine learning identifies anomalous requests
No Sampling 100% of Requests are traced, analyzed and stored
Custom Metrics Unlimited custom metrics included
Service Dependency Map Visualization of interactions between all services
High-Cardinality Analytics Analyze traces and calls from any perspective
CI/CD Release Monitoring Out-of-the-box integration in Jenkins, Harness, Git Actions, and more
Continuous, Production Profiling Deep code profiling, automatically applied to Java, Node.js, Go, and more
Full-Stack Context Understand correlation of traces, calls, services, and applications with infrastructure, orchestration, logs, and much more...
Kubernetes Monitoring Included
Distributions Rancher, OpenShift, VMware Tanzu, Anthos (coming soon), managed Kubernetes (AKS, EKS, GKS, etc.) and every other certified Kubernetes distribution
Ease of deployment Complete monitoring with a single command for Helm, Kubernetes Operator, and more.
Drop-in Observability Clusters, Deployments, Services, Daemonsets, Pods, and more
Full-Stack Context Understand correlation of traces, calls, services, and applications with infrastructure, orchestration, logs, and much more...
End-User Monitoring Included
Sessions Every request traced and analyzed from browser to backend
Browsers Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge & Internet Explorer, Opera, and more
Mobile iOS, Android
Frameworks Vanilla, React Native, and more
Custom Events Automatically collected from W3C User Timing API, unlimited events included
Session & User Analytics Analyze user requests and custom events from any perspective
Full-Stack Context Understand correlation of traces, calls, services, and applications with infrastructure, orchestration, logs, and much more...
Serverless Monitoring Included
Platforms AWS Lambda, AWS Fargate, and more
Drop-in Observability No sample traces with zero code changes
No additional tracing costs No reliance on X-Ray or other tracing services, don’t pay twice for traces
Analyzed Traces & Calls Analyze traces and calls from any perspective
No Sampling 100% of function executions are traced, analyzed and stored
Full-Stack Context Understand correlation of traces, calls, services, and applications with all the rest of your infrastructure on the cloud and on-premises
Cloud & Infrastructure Monitoring Included
Platforms Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Kubernetes, OpenShift, VMware/Pivotal, and more.
Databases SQL, No-SQL, Graph, and more
Custom Metrics Unlimited, custom metrics included
Full-Stack Context Understand correlation of traces, calls, services, and applications with infrastructure, orchestration, logs, and much more...
Container Monitoring Docker, Cri-o, Garden, containerD, LXC, and more.
AIOps Included
Curated Knowledge Base Ever-expanding, technology- specific, automatic issue detection
Machine Learning Anomaly detection using baselines, forecasts, seasonality, and more
Root Cause Analysis Context-enriched incident detection, one-click drill-down
Multi-Source Data Ingestion Stream processing automatically analyzes traces, calls, logs, errors, metrics, process crashes, entity lifecycle, and more
Historical Data Analysis Automatically generated seasonality profiles and metric trends
Data Access All data in Instana is available via API
Alerting Included
Logic Intelligent alerts based on automatic or user-adjusted baselines
Event Correlation All associated events are correlated to the root cause in a single alert
Integrations Slack, Microsoft Teams, PagerDuty, OpsGenie, VictorOps, WebHooks, and more
Dashboarding Included
Built-In, Curated Dashboards Pre-configured dashboards based on best practice performance indicators
Custom Dashboards Flexible, intuitive dashboard builder with TV Mode, shareable, and private views.
Business Insights Analyze business and application performance relationships in a single view.
Grafana Plugin Instana data source to access all Instana data from Grafana
Real-Time & Interactive 1 second granularity with one-click drill-down for immediate insights
Analytics Included
Filter-Based Analysis Slice & dice exceptions, error and warn logs, traces and calls, end-user monitoring beacons, profiles, infrastructure metrics, and more.
Filter-Based Analysis Graph the data set resulting from filtered analysis
Open Source Tracing Analytics Analyze individual or aggregate traces from OpenTelemetry, Jaeger, Zipkin, and more.
Custom Metrics Included
Unlimited Metrics Pull in metrics from any supported data source with no volume restrictions
Integrations Prometheus, StatsD, DropWizard, Micrometer.io, Windows Performance Counters, and more
Log Monitoring Support Included
Log Messages See every warning or above - log messages in context with the problematic requests
Integrations Splunk, ELK, Humio, LogDNA, Coralogix, and more
Synthetic Support Included
Synthetic Monitoring Synthetic HTTP/API checks, Network connectivity checks (ICMP)
Integrations Apica, Octoperf, HTTP header Integration
Enterprise Security Included
Role-Based Access Control Restrict system access and visibility to authorized users
User Management Integrations with LDAP, Single Sign On, and more
Privacy and Security SOC 2 Compliant EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Certified
Audit Log All configuration changes via the user interface and API are logged

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