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IBM Subscription and Support

This article describes how to use IBM Subscription and Support (S&S)

When you purchase IBM Licenses (which contains 1 year S&S) or prolong the S&S for your product, then you are entitled to:

  • Download of the newest version of the product
  • IBM Support
  • Fixes and Patches for the product

IBM Software Download

If you have active maintenance then you can download the licenses in the IBM Passport Advantage Online Portal at the following address.


Additional Options

Download for certain IBM Software is also possible to do on specialized websites:

jazz.net - Navigate to Download Section

  • DOORS Next Generation / Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Next
  • Rational Team Concert / Engineering Workflow Management
  • Rational Quality Manager / Engineering Test Management
  • Rhapsody Model Manager (Jazz Add-On for Rhapsody)
  • Rational Method Composer

Rhapsody https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/downloads/r/rhapsodydeveloper/index.html
DOORS Classic: Use Passport Advantage Online
Rational Publishing Engine: Use Passport Advantage Online

IBM License Key

IBM has a variety of license models. Certain Software is unlocked for unlimited use and you need to make sure that you are compliant with the rules (PVU, RVU Model). Certain Software has also additional license key mechanisms.

In general, all software that used to be in the Rational brand is protected by license key.

The license key needs to be added in order to unlock the productive use of the product. 

License Key for Rational Products can be obtained from the following Rational License Key Center RLKC website:


Additional Links. https://www.ibm.com/support/pages/ibm-support-licensing-start-page

You need to have access to such key. In general technical contact of your company site at IBM have access and get a welcome email. This contact can additionally add persons to this account.

IBM Support

IBM provides support for the software purchased via IBM Passport Advantage Programm with active maintenance. The support is included in the maintenance fee.

Supported Scenarios:

  • Product does not work as described in the documentation
  • System is down from unknown reason
  • Access to certain support trouble-shooting products and scripts. (i.e. extensive troubleshooting or server rename scripts)

Scenarios which some time supported by IBM 

This are rather exceptions we have seen done, then the rule.

  • Performance tuning for certain areas of the software
  • Help in using a certain feature which is kind of consulting
  • help in sizing the installation or upgrade

Scenarios which not supported by IBM:

  • Installation and product setup  (IBM should help if encounter some issues during the installation)
  • Upgrade of the product (IBM should help if encounter some issues during the upgrade)
  • Extensive product performance tuning
  • Extensions (you can create "Request for Enhancement - RFE" in such cases)
  • Consulting for the product 
  • License advice

Please note that IBM officially does not support the environment which is not installed according to installation guides. Usually, IBM software have system requirements which must be followed in order to be eligible for IBM Support


IBM Support Access

There are 2 options on how to get IBM Support:

IBM Support Ticket

This is preffered IBM option also called Problem Mangement Record (PMR) or Case. This record can be opened online by a person who was assigned by your company to open such tickets.

Website: https://www.ibm.com/mysupport


    • Faster creation of the ticket
    • Ability to add printscreens and logs


    • If you are not the main contact you need to get access first. 

Primary contact of your company can also assign additional persons which can request support.


You can also open a ticket via phone.
Following phone numbers are applicable for IBM Software Support:

Germany: 0800 525 3553
Switzerland: 0800 555 454

You need the following Information in order to open a ticket:

  • IBM Product Name, version and Ifix version installed
  • Infrastructure Information o which the software runs
  • Your IBM Customer Number (ICN)

The ICN Number is provided to you always upon purchase of IBM Product mainetnace and is on the top of Proof of Entitlements (POE). If you don't know your ICN then you can contact us via phone or email and we will provide you this number

Please note that in some cases where we actively support our customers, we are able to open ticket for you in your name. We need for that your ICN number. 

We are also able to see and create support cases directly in support portal of IBM for you in case you have given us approval for that.

Softacus Support

For Services that are not part of Standard Support Services we are happy to help.

Softacus can provide following Services for IBM Software:

  • Initial Analysis of your needs and requirements for problems to be solved
  • Installation and Architecture Planing
  • Performance Tuning
  • Setup of the Software
  • Consulting
  • Training 
  • Upgrade
  • Development of extensions and automations
  • Help with Advanced Reporting and Licensing Topics
  • Migrations to IBM Software

Please contact us if you have a need for any kind of Support and we come back to you with an offer for yearly, weekly, day or even hourly support

What can we help you with?


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