Why do customers choose Aspera Enterprise?

No separate streaming server or sync add-on, now it's all in. No more guessing what to include - IBM Aspera Enterprise is a "super server" that provides:

  • Unlimited sync
  • Unlimited Webapps
  • Unlimited Client Apps
  • Unlimited Aspera Proxies
  • Unlimited HTTP Gateways
  • Streaming (FASPStream) included
  • Highly scalable, reliable transfers, supporting thousands of concurrent transfer sessions and multi gigabit-per-second aggregate troughput
  • Full complement of enabling server, desktop, and mobile software to meet the transfer needs of all users inside and outside of an organization
  • Aspera data streaming and file synchronization included
  • Leverage Aspera's APIs and SDKs for custom applications and deep integration

Consolidation allows Aspera to invest more resources, more wisely and allows us to consolidate code bases and ship faster

  • Based on current deployments, our project office will determine the trade-up cost
  • We respect the customer's Aspera investments so the full power of FASP can be realised
  • After trading up, just apply new licenses - no fresh software installations required
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