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Maximo Asset Monitor

Monitoring solution that enables real-time visibility, root-cause troubleshooting, and AI driven alerts at scale

Maximo Factory

Key Benefits of IBM Maximo Asset Monitor

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Connecting the Enterprise

Data integration from multiple sources of data about operating state.

Dark square with a light doublesided arrow inside

Operate at Scale

Ability to scale and visualize operations across
enterprise through single dashboard.

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AI-Powered Anomaly Detection

Advanced analytics and AI that can quickly detect
issues and leverage data from operating history.

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Root Cause Analytics

Alert notifications and drilldown capabilities for
resolution teams.

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Journey to Predict

Monitor is the foundation for predictive maintenance
and asset health.

The solution

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Connected enterprise

Connects OT data sources
Reduces operating costs through continuous
Improves asset and operational availability

Configurable dashboard for customized views
Scales easily across processes and sites
Improves operational control
Supports remote monitoring

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Visibility at scale

Clipart of head and neck of robot with a green gear on its backside

AI-Powered Anomaly Detection

Leverages IBM’s market leading position in AI
Drives understanding beyond traditional
fixed-parameter alerts
Understand the patterns in the noise that are
easily missed

Enables drill-down for intelligent intervention
Access historical data for forensic analysis of
failure trends
Workflow integration to fast-path resolution

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Root Cause Analytics

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Journey to Predcit

Extract immediate value from your data
Gain access to IBM’s massive AI and
Analytics investments

Maximo Asset Monitor The Process

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Window with graphs and data


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Maximo Asset Monitor
The Process: Connect

Easily connect IT & OT enterprise data & devices at scale, while mapping to asset hierarchy

Large light blue dot in the centre connected with smaller darker blue dots
  • Connect to IT and OT Data
    Sources with Pre-built connectors
Two cables/wires, one blue one red shown being separated or tore
  • Establish active connection
    to EAM system
Vertical and line graphs
  • Map entity data and devices
    to Asset Hierarchy from
    EAM system.
Flow of insights: OT Data Pipeline, Monitor (Connectivity at Scale, No-Code AI/Analytics, Customizable UI), Maximo Applications

Maximo Asset Monitor
The Process: Prepare

Easily enable advanced analytics and AI-based anomaly detection for alerts in a low-code/no-code environment

Hand with green waves eminating from the index finger

One click add AI-based analytics from the prebuilt catalog of functions to apply to data

Yellow hazard triangle

Set alerts based on analytics and anomaly detection scores

Clipart of paper with data on it and a green checkmark on the left bottom corner

View result of all calculations in the data tab before using in summary dashboard

Maximo Asset Monitor
The Process: Visualize

Create customized dashboards with drag and drop pre-built widgets, showcasing embedded analytics, AI-
based alerts and visualizations of your operations

Monitor with data and graphs

Build customized dashboards
based on use case with prebuilt
drag and drop widgets

Blue dots connecting into a chip in a blue circle with a red arrow coming out of the other side

Show outputs of AI-based anomaly detection and analytics, highlighting meaningful alerts within the widgets

Clipart of paper with a line graph and a magnifying glass examining it

Monitor your operations and KPIs, including key drivers for metrics like OEE, Availability, Uptime, and others

Notebook displaying graphs and data

Maximo Asset Monitor
The Process: Investigate

View meaningful AI-based alerts, drill down from system to sensor, and create action to ensure uptime

Two downward arrows

Drill down from a plant to a system, component, asset, and sensor view

Magnifying glass with graphs inside

Investigate problems and root
causes that affect tracked KPIs

Gear inside a red circle with two light blue circulating arrows around it

Create Automated Action ased on AI-based Alerts to ensure Uptime

Journey to Predictive

Improves uptime and reduces maintenance costs

Journey to predict: Predict, Health, Monitor - AI Vision, Manage. Interchangeable

Maximo Asset Monitor

Why Leverage?

  • Enterprise level data aggregation & visibility
  • Scale operations across processes & sites
  • AI-powered detection of issues
  • Enable drill down analysis for resolution teams
  • Extensible IoT foundation
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