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IBM Jazz Platform Hosting and Maintenance

 IBM Jazz Server AdministrationWhat do we provide

  • Deployment of your IBM Collaborative Lifecycle Management in Standard, Departmental or Enterprise topology
  • Hosting infrastructure for Your IBM CLM platform (data centers in the US, Europe, MEA, Africa, APAC, China)
  • Maintenance of your CLM platform including updates, patches (iFixes) on customer request
  • Opening and solving service tickets with IBM on customer request
  • A customizable security model that will allow accessing your CLM publicly, via VPN, or from selected IP addresses
  • Deploying customers customization to the server
  • Access to the log files and server files on the request

Included Applications (Servers) we can manage for you:

Applications that require licenses

  • IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation
  • IBM Rational Team Concert
  • IBM Rational Quality Manager
  • IBM Rational Design Manager
  • IBM Rational Model Manager
  • IBM Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager
  • IBM Rational Publishing Engine Web

Applications which does not require licenses

  • Jazz Team Server (mandatory)
  • Global Configurations Management
  • Jazz Reporting Service
  • Lifecycle Query Engine
  • Data Collection Component
  • Data Warehouse

Price depending on

  • Number of servers
  • Storage size

The infrastructure we use:

  • IBM Cloud (Softlayer) Servers (Location according to your needs, all IBM Softlayer locations supported)
    SSD Drives

Middleware we use:

  • IBM DB2 11.1+
  • IBM Websphere Liberty Profile with IBM WebSphere HTTP Server or WebSphere Application Server ND

Licenses we use: 

You can reuse your

  • Standard - Authorized or Floating (Perpetual Licenses)
  • Fixed Term Licenses
  • Token Licenses

Or we will provide you the licenses through our Authorized IBM Business Partner agreement

Your advantages:

  • VPC supported
  • Free Active Directory (LDAP) Connection Setup
  • IBM Jazz Installation for Free
  • Free VPN Setup
  • Free Enablement of Configurations Management for IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation and IBM Rational Quality Manager
  • You own the servers and can take ownership of the IT infrastructure at any time
  • Unlimited number of users allowed
  • Infrastructure related Ticket opening and resolution

Included Services:

  • Jazz patch (iFix) installations
  • Jazz upgrades (1 time a year) - upgrade time agreed with you
  • Operation system patches (Liberty, DB, and operating system)
  • Operation system updates (Liberty, DB, and operating system)
  • Database tuning
  • Database cleanups
  • Backups (daily, weekly, and monthly) 
  • Backup
  • Backup Testing 2x/year
  • VPN Management and Operation*
  • Monitoring
  • Dedicated personnel for you
  • Daily hours support
  • Support in opening PMRs**
  • VPN Monitoring

*    Softacus will add, manage and operate a site-to-site Virtual Private Network to our Professional tier. The VPN provides a private tunnel between the cloud-hosted environment and the Client's enterprise network. The Client's cloud-hosted instance will be hidden from the public internet. VPN will enable integration with other Client systems without the need to open sensitive firewall ports.
 ** We will open for you the Problem Management Records in case you have a problem that is related to infrastructure and must be solved by IBM. Problem Management Records (PMRs).

Optional Services:

  • Disaster Recovery to a place of your choice
  • Disaster Recovery Testing 2x/year
  • Migration from IBM and 3rd Party to the Cloud

Technical Information:

  • Storage Box (Backup Space)
  • Bandwidth 1 GB / s
  • Availability 99.9%
  • SSH access to Storage Box
  • The unlimited root server access 

Feel free to contact us to customize this service to your needs. We adjust this service often also to support customers at their sites where we share responsibilities for the applications, databases, and infrastructure.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.




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