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DOORS to DOORS Next Generation Migration Service

IBM DOORS (Classic) was and is a leading requirement management tool for most industries with complex systems. Nowadays, however, customers require many more things from a requirement tool that could not be addressed by DOORS which is using robust and reliable but 25-year-old architecture. Therefore, ten years ago IBM decided to develop DOORS Next Generation which is running on a modern Jazz Platform and together with Rational Team Concert and Rational Quality Manager can satisfy very demanding customer needs as well.
For customers interested in taking advantage of the IBM Jazz Platform, Softacus provides services to migrate from IBM DOORS to IBM DOORS Next Generation.



Migration Phases and Steps


Initial Discussions

  • Overview of the current way of working
  • Initial cost and complexity asessment
  • Help with Budget esitmation and Business Case, Advantages, Disadvantages, Limitations, Risk and Additional capabilities, New Business Opportunities
  • Offer and Agreements
person in a lab looking at red and green wires

Analysis Phase

This phase consists of the analysis of the current way of working, possible / or required improvements, and possible limitations of the new way of working

  • Overview of the currently used attributes and their alignment
  • Analysis of linking concept
  • Analysis of review and change management processes
  • Analysis Baselining Strategy
  • Identification of architectural differences between DOORS to DOORS NG capabilities and their impact on the current way of working
  • Analysis of Roles and Access Rights
  • Analysis of DXL and other extensions
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Concept and Design Phase

Definition of Strategy for each point of the Analysis Phase Concept for Harmonization of exported data.
Decision which tool will be taken for migration. We usually decide from the following options:

  • IBM Standard Migration (see videos below)
  • Migration using specific Softacus Automation Tool
  • Migration by using specific 3rd party tool
  • Budget and time estimates
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Preparation Phase

  • Installation of the test server
  • Development of extensions
    • Development of DXL clean up scripts (Softacus will usually provide already developed script for the migration. (Currently ca. 20 DXL scripts already developed and available.)
    • Development of DNG JavaScripts for possible after migration clean up and users work comfort. (Softacus will usually provide already developed scripts for the migration (i.e. embedding of artifacts). Please refer to our DNG Extensions.)
  • Resources (consultants, users, infrastructure) planing
  • Defining of strategy how to rebuild links (external, across projects...)
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Proof of Concept Migration

  • Data Cleanup
  • Import of data into the test environment
  • Testing Phase and UAT. Tetsing of data and processes with real data in DNG
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Production Migration

person looking at a tablet with different icons popping out

Post Migration Phase

After “go life” and successful migration to DOORS Next we usually support our client in the following activities on daily or hourly basis:

  • Consulting about usage of DNG platform and Jazz
  • Training (standard, User, Admin and custom training with customer specific content)
  • Integrations
  • Development of custom scripts
  • Reuse Concepts (mix of DNG/Jazz know-how and know-how of customer environment)
  • Upgrades and Performance Tuning
  • Account Management and help with IBM compliance / licensing
  • ...
Process Improvement
  • Full incremental Documentation of your system
  • Automation of the Biding process
  • Automation of document or website content generation
  • Build of the requirements based testing system
  • Integration and/or build of Risk Management FMEA, ASIL, FTA, ...
  • Connection of RM to QM, Design, Planning, and Development


Certain data is due to different concepts not possible to migrate. Please refer to the following link for details.
DOORS Classic and DOORS Next Generation (DNG) have differences in the data structure, functions and processes, because of that some data from IBM® Rational® DOORS® is not migrated to IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation. As limitations, we consider DOORS Classic data formats and features that are not supported by DNG or are managed in different ways by DNG. The success of migration depends on an understanding of differences and limitations and data preparation.

Most important migration limitations to be considered:

Access controls

The access control works differently in DOORS NG. It is usually manually recreated and reused from project to project as so-called "Process Template Reuse"

Rational DOORS partitions

Migration Team

pictures of softascus employees
Softacus ag certificate showcase

DNG and Jazz Specific Know-how

We can support big and small migrations with our experienced team:

  • 2 DOORS and DXL Specialists
  • 5 DOORS Next Analysts
  • 4 EWM (RTC) Specialists
  • 3 ETM (RQM) Specialists
  • 2 Rhapsody Specialists

Cross Team Know-How for:

  • JRS
  • GCM

10 Developers for DNG DOORS RTC RQM

  • RM API
  • DXL
  • Developing solutions for Jazz on a weekly basis

2 Resources specialized in IBM Infrastructure

Direct connections to IBM:

  • Product Management
  • Development
  • Support Team
  • Sales and Account Management
  • Core Features Team

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