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IBM Jazz Team Server Administration Training



This training will be about the whole administration of IBM JTS (Jazz Team Server) and about the integration of IBM ELM to your infrastructure.

JTS Server Administration page interface showcase

1.) JTS server administration web page

Training overview

  • Duration: 1-2 days (8-16 hours iInstallation and administration of IBM JTS + database set up) 
  • Version: IBM Jazz Team Server 7.0.2 SR1
  • Type: Instructor-led classroom
  • Location: remote or on-site
  • Language: English, Slovak, Czech
  • Integration:  server (Linux, Windows)


Note: This course is designed for system administrators, enterprise architects, application managers, database managers, and integration engineers.


Prerequisites (not mandatory):

  • Basic software installation and configuration
  • Windows and Linux server administration
  • Database administration (DB2 / Oracle / MSSQL)

Main training parts

 Installation of IHS - install packages list

2.) Installation of IHS

Create new SSL certificate window with options like key label and size and validity period

3.) Creation of SSL certificate

Team Server and Application Custom Setup window

4.) Application setup on JTS

IBM DB2 Installation window

5.) Installation of DB2


After completing this training, you will be able to:

- understand the architecture of the IBM ELM/Jazz platform

- understand the integration of ELM applications into the infrastructure

- understand the differences between IBM ELM integrations (topologies).

- perform the installation of IBM ELM on Windows and Linux servers

- create a database

- upgrade to a new iFix (same version of IBM ELM)

- know the difference between upgrading in the same version and in different versions

Additional objectives:

- configuration of different authentication methods (Basic User Registry and LDAP)

- reverse proxy configuration

- integration of SSL certificate for IBM ELM

- integrating monitoring for the Jazz platform

- learning how to perform basic troubleshooting for IBM ELM

Variations of course

Due to the fact that companies have different environments and technical employees have different focuses, we therefore offer extensions to this training:

1.  Quick overview of other installed applications – connection between applications (2 hours).

Server Administration options and overview

6.) Connection of applications with JTS

2.  Configuration ofIHS as reverse proxy (1 day/8 hours)

IBM HTTP Server window with Infomation Centre and Support options

7.) Screen of IBM HTTP Server

3.  Advanced settings and configuration – LDAP, SSL, monitoring, troubleshooting, licensing (2-3 days)

Grafana performance dashboard rotated

8.) Grafana monitoring for servers and IBM Jazz


These course extensions will include practical demonstrations and expert explanations of the necessary terms. Do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you tailor your training to your needs.

Contact us for the training of your team. During the training, we will teach you the best practice solutions, using the correct terms and applying practical knowledge.

Softacus Services

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IBM ELM extensions developed by Softacus are free of charge for the customers who ordered IBM ELM licenses via Softacus or for the customers who ordered any of our services. If you are interested in any of our IBM ELM extensions, you found a bug or you have any enhancement request, please let us know at info@softacus.com.

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