IBM Jazz Server Installation and Upgrade Services

We provide to our customers a service to install an enterprise IBM Rational Jazz Platform on the local infrastructure if the customer is not yet ready for the IBM SaaS version of the product. 


Installation & Upgrade Phases

Depending on the needs of the customer the services include the following phases:




  • Planing (hardware, RAM, HDD, operating system, database, application server(s)...)
  • Hardware Specification Discussion
  • Installation or Upgrade of Jazz Platform
  • Resource Allocation (on customer and Softacus site)

Installation / Upgrade of the Jazz Platform

Upgrade of the Test Environment

In a bigger environment and environment with a sufficient budget, we always recommend using a test environment in order to assess the impact of the changes which IBM implemented into the product. This could be new features, impact on the possible written extensions, architecture changes or performance impact on the existing IT environment.

Production Installation of IBM Jazz Platform

Installation of Jazz Team Server Components depending on the purchased licenses and needed capabilities:

  • Jazz Team Server
  • CCM (main component for Rational Team Concert)
  • RM (main component for Rational DOORS Next Generation)
  • QM (main component for Rational Quality Manager)
  • JRS
  • LQE
  • RELM
  • RDM
  • GCM config
  • Link Index Provider
  • Proxy Server Setup
  • Data Warehouse Configuration (DW)
  • Jazz Reporting Services (JRS)

Database Setup Help

Our team usually works with the client Database team to set up the database, database tables and to ensure that correct resources are allocated to the database. Installation is supported in the following environments:

  • DB2 - coming for free in the installation package
  • Oracle
  • MS SQL
  • Derby DB (only for non-productive installations)

Please refer to the following article if you need to make a decision about which database to use. If required at these steps we also perform migrations (usually from MS SQL or Derby to DB2)

IBM Jazz Authentication

  • IBM Websphere Liberty Profile (this is installed as default)
  • IBM Websphere Application Server

Authentication - user registry type

  • SSO
  • Active Directory
  • Kerberos

Email Notifications setup



Automatic Startup is required in cases, when the server is being shut down by some maintenance tasks, patches...).

Upload of IBM Jazz Licenses

Download & Upload Permanent Licence. Our team can support you with deep knowledge in this area. We can help you with the trial, perpetual, fixed-term, and also token licenses. We also often look into the contractual part of the licenses and help you ensure compliance with IBM agreements.


We usually install the customer's own certificates on the server in this task.

Monitoring Service

If required we integrate customers own monitoring system 

Fix Packs

Usually, install the latest IBM Jazz fix packs according to the IBM recommend steps for the fix pack.


Help with IBM Tickets

From time to time we encounter issues during the installation which need to be sorted out directly with IBM Level 2/3 support. We help customers to create such tickets, and we work on the issue collectively with customers and IBM.




Post Installation & Upgrade Services

Performance tuning



Duration of the Service is 2-5 days per environment and is depending on the complexity, number of users, number of needed component and other factors which influence the time. The standard complexity duration is 3 days.

Installation Team:

IBM Jazz Platform is usually installed in the following constellation:

  • IBM Jazz IT Infrastructure specialist (performs the migration)
  • IBM Jazz IT Infrastructure specialist (backup)
  • Project Manager (organizes resources, time plan, issues resolution, and commercial topics)

In cases where you need to install a very big installation, we also involve our IBM Jazz Business Architect, and also the installation is checked with IBM world-wide Jazz Infrastructure team and IBM Support. 

Service Coverage:

This Service is performed world-wide remotely. If you require local installation, then this can be done for Europe, USA, and Russia




Contact us

Please contact us if you are interested in this service.


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