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IBM ETM Engineering Test Management Training



Showcase of ibm etm training with a computer screen with ibm etm on it

Training based on version 6.0.6, 6.0.1 and 7.0, 7.0.2+ 

Type:                Instructor-led Classroom
Duration:         2-3 days depending on the required depth of the covered topics
Location:         On-line: World-wide, On-site (Europe)
Language:       English, German, Croatian, Slovakia

Audience: This training course is suited for anyone who needs to understand how to plan, manage and execute test activities with IBM Engineering Test Manager including:

  • Test managers
  • Test Team leaders
  • Testers 
  • Project managers
  • Quality managers
  • Business analysts and developers involved in testing activities

Prerequisites: Before taking this course, it is recommended to have a general understanding of testing concepts and terminology.

ETM Training Description

IBM Engineering Test Management (ETM) was formerly known as IBM Rational Quality Manager (RQM)

This training introduces the basics and also some advanced techniques of using IBM RQM to testing professionals.

The training course teaches how to plan the test effort, implement test plan, test cases, and test scripts, how to execute tests, and how to monitor results using IBM ETM.

This training also teaches you how to align with requirements and development, manage the test team's work, monitor progress, submit defects, monitor test results and monitor test status.

With hands-on exercises, you will learn, how to work quickly and effectively in the ETM and how to streamline the execution of manual tests and results in the praxis. Additionally, you will learn how to reuse test assets, and how to use data from external automation tools with your test scripts.


  • Introduction to ETM - Key concepts and terminology
  • ETM and its place within the Jazz Platform
  • Planning the test effort
  • Developing and evaluation of the test plan
  • Understanding test plans and planned test execution
  • Finding and Managing assigned work
  • Creating traceability and links with requirements
  • Response to changing requirements and Test update 
  • Understand and implement test plans
  • Creating test cases, test scripts and test suites
  • Implementing test cases and reuse 
  • Creating test data and data-driven test script
  • Implementation of  test scripts and reuse
  • Creating test case execution records
  • Executing test cases and recording results
  • Creation of Defects
  • Modification of test cases and scripts 
  • Organizing workflows using test suites
  • Monitoring execution and results
  • Lab Resources and  Test Environments
  • Organization of Workflows
  • Global configuration basic (snapshots, baselines, GCM)
  • Reporting


Price depends on the number of days, delivery method (remote/on site) and on other factors. Please contact us via form or chat.

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