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IBM ELM ® Automotive Compliance Process ® Training

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Softacus provides  a training program on the Automotive Compliance Process from IBM which is released with the IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management Solution

Type:                Instructor-led Classroom

Duration:         24 hours

Location:         Remote or Onsite (World-Wide)

Language:       English

What is Automotive Compliance (AC) Process



The AC Process is a well documented process definition which includes the following:

  • Process Roles 
  • Process Activities and Tasks 
  • Process Work Products 
  • Tool Guidance (enacting the process with IBM ELM toolchain) 
  • Templates for IBM ELM tools supporting the AC Process (templates are provided for IBM DOORS Next Generation ® (DNG), IBM Engineering Test Management ® (ETM), IBM Engineering Workflow Management ® (EWM) and IBM Architecture Management ®(AM)) 
  • ISO 26262, ISO/SAE 21434 standards and ASPICE Capability Model topics 
  • Mapping between process elements and ISO 26262, ISO/SAE 21434 and ASPICE standards to ensure compliance.   
  • The AC Process is designed based on SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework), to support an agile systems and software engineering approach.  

The AC process is developed and documented in order to provide a process framework to the followers of this process, which will definitely help to comply with the target standards (ie, ISO 26262, ISO/SAE 21434 and ASPICE). 

The Automotive Compliance Process provides a process framework for system development that takes into account the certification needs for:

  • ASPICE Base and Generic Practices 
  • ISO 26262 Functional Safety requirements 
  • ISO/SAE 21434 Cybersecurity requirements 

The AC process definition has a mapping between process activities / work products and these standard requirements. This means, when a work product is generated in compliance with the AC Process or a task / activity is conducted again from the AC Process, you know which standard requirement is being covered and satisfied.

That will enable an effective gap analysis between project work and standard requirements. 

IBM ELM Automotive Compliance Process Training Topics 

We provide a custom training program developed for our customers’ needs. Our target outcome of this training program is, in addition to understanding the basic usage of the IBM Engineering Management Solution tools (namely, DNG, ETM, EWM and AM), also explore how these tools and solutions can be / should be used in the context of the Automotive Compliance Process. 

During the training we run an instance of the process flow on a sample system development example from the Automotive industry. 

We try to provide answers to the following selective questions during the training: 

  • How do we elicit stakeholder requirements?
  • How do we analyze / review system requirements?  
  • How to identify main capabilities of the system and plan requirements for different releases / variants? 
  • How to link requirements with test cases in different levels of the V-lifecycle?
  • How to develop test cases and manage manual test runs
  • How to plan development activities iteratively, using agile methodology? 
  • How to incorporate system architectural design (with requirements) 
  • How to prepare a traceability matrix between requirements, work items, plans, architecture (logical / physical) and tests. 
  • How to manage versions and variants 

All these questions are approached in the context of the Automotive Compliance Process.

Benefits of the Automotive Compliance Process Training 

Upon completion the IBM Automotive Compliance Process, you will have practical knowledge on:

  • how to apply the process tasks on the IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management tools
  • how to merge tool usage with process flow.

Contact us to get a customized offer for your team. Upon discussion, we will learn your processes and incorporate key elements and terms used by your team into the training program.


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